Long Island News

The island is pretty quiet this time of year.  Occasionally, I will hear a vehicle go by the store, especially an island car with no muffler.  Pedestrian traffic is almost non existent,  unless the temperature gets into the 40’s.  I am currently watching the 10 am ferry from town going into diamond cove.  The sky is bright and cloudless and 28 degrees.  I don’t expect to see any kids jumping off the dock today.  Social interaction here is somewhat limited, especially now that the transfer station is open only 3 times weekly.  Morning coffee with Shirley is a highlight.  Hopefully, John Billings will be well enough to join Shirley and the Boat House crowd soon.

Community suppers at the new recreation center have been a hit this winter.  But the best place to see other islanders now is on the boat trip back and forth to the mainland.  See you on the Ferry.